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 glass worktop and splashback technical details

  Installation : the installation of the splashbacks/worktops is quite simple   and involves applying a 'low modulus' silicone to the base of the glass.   You must use 'low modulus' to prevent damaging the splashback. We   keep  stock of this at £5 per tube. You could also screw the glass to the   wall if you wanted but you need to make sure we fabricate the screw   holes prior to toughening as you can't drill the glass once toughened.
  glass types and thickness: We offer two types of  glass: Standard Float   and Low Iron (Optiwhite). The standard float has a  natural aquamarine   hint to it which can distort the colours on the base of the glass (see   below for colour application). This is especially noticeable on the   worktops as the thicker the glass the stronger the aquamarine   colouring. The other option - the low iron glass - is much clearer with   virtually all of the green removed so the colour you apply is much   sharper. This is the glass we use for all of the splashbacks unless   otherwise requested as it gives a cleaner finish. The standard float glass   has a maximum thickness of 19mm but is also  fabricated in 6, 8, 10, 12   and 15mm thicknesses. The low iron (Optiwhite) glass has a maximum   thickness of 15mm but is also fabricated in 6, 8, 10 and 12mm.

 toughened (safety) details
  All of the glass we fabricate is toughened to british safety standard (BS   6206 - EN 12600) regardless of where it's going in the kitchen. We   believe that if you intend to use glass as a splashback or a worktop it   should be toughened for safety and strength reasons. Also all of our   glass has polished edges, once again to keep it safe when handling.
  One thing you need to be aware of is that once either your glass   worktop or glass splashback has been toughened no further fabrication   can take place. All of your cut o uts whether they be socket, sink or   small notch, need to be cut out at our factory prior to toughening.   Unlike other glass products such as laminated glass, you can't cut   toughened glass on site.
colour application  
After the glass has been cut to size, polished and toughened we apply the colour. The colour is created with a very strong specialist resin based spray, which is professionally applied in our spraying booths to the underside of the glass. It is an air drying spray which has been specifically formulated to coat glass. As such we don't need to bake the colour on or worry about the paint degrading years down the line. Due to the nature of the paint we can pretty much create any colour you require but it would take longer and be more expensive. We make sure that we always have the correct pigments and base paints in stock to cover the colours shown on our
standard colour chart.
 worktops or splashbacks
Should you take advantage of our full template and installation service many of the details here shouldn't be of concern. However if you're planning to design and install the glass worktops or glass splashbacks yourself and you have a query which isn't covered here please don't hesitate giving us a call on 0845 0450336 or sending us an email.