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 corian worktops
  Corian worktops offer a wonderfully clean and distinct worktop to any   kitchen. With Corian you can fabricate the sinks directly into the
, have corners with seamless joints and fully integrate upstand
  and splashback. Corian also offers much more flexibility with design due   to its composition, so any thickness or shape can be acheived.
  Kitchen Calm are one of the countries main suppliers of Corian worktops   to kitchens. With a nationwide template and installation service you can   rest in the knowledge that the Corian kitchen worktop you desire will be   handled professionally by ourselves from beginning to end. Have a look   at the info below relating to the many corian options.
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 corian worktop colours  
  There are a vast number of   colours which you can create   your corian worktop in. Please   click to view those colours.
 upstand/splashback options
 corian sinks
  Corian have created many   sinks and sink combinations   which can be fabricated   directly into your worktop.   Please click to view all options   coved upstand
  the coved upstand, as seen on the right, is   fully integrated into the worktop.
  You can have it as high as you require so it   could be the full wall height creating   splashbacks with socket and switch cut   outs or just have it standadr upstand   height (e.g. 100mm).
  The benfits of the fully integrated upstand   are both aesthetic and hygenic as there is   no area for dirt to trap. It is a more   expensive option than the standard   upstand though.
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  standard upstand
  the standard upstand, as seen on the   right, is joined at a perpendicular ninety   degree angle to the worktop. It doesn't   have the curved fully integrated appeal   but you can still have it as high as you   require so it could be the full wall height   creating splashbacks with socket and   switch cut outs or just standadr upstand   height (e.g. 100mm).
  The standard upstand is aesthetically the   basic option but it is relatively cheaper   than the coved.
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